Welcome to the Photo Muse Masterclass!

WELCOME to the Photo Muse Masterclass!

This is an exciting step toward becoming a master photographer AND muse and even #girlboss.

What You'll Get Out of this Course

  • By the end of this course you should be more than comfortable around a camera with a full understanding of how to use its various functions.
  • Have a clear brand message and the ability to communicate it with your photography.
  • A portfolio of unique photos that you've taken and edited as part of the course worksheets.

How to Get the Most out of This Course

In short: Watch each video, read the text, and do the worksheets!

Each module comes with text to accompany the videos, and some also come with worksheets.

It can be tempting to skip parts of the modules but trust me when I say that doing the work will get you so much farther! Here's why:

  • The text covers things that the videos don't always cover.
  • The worksheets will elevate you to the next level by encouraging you to put in the WERK.
  • You'll never be unsure or confused about the next modules because you will already have a full understanding of the preceding modules.

How to do the Worksheets

Each worksheet has the option to upload photos directly into the worksheet and to type any questions or thoughts you have directly into the worksheet.

Generally these are for your use and reference, however if you want direct feedback, the Facebook group is here to help!

*You muse use Adobe Acrobat viewer (free) to get the full functionality of each worksheet. Mac Preview will not display the full functionality.

Join the Facebook Group

Community is a big part of growth in the online world, so even if this is just a hobby for you, you can still benefit from the support and help of the Facebook group. Plus, I'll be there to answer your questions.


Use the Hashtags On Social Media

Particularly on Instagram, use #BeMyPhotoMuse along with the hashtags that go along with the course curriculum to get feedback, and follow the hashtags to see what the others in the course are doing for inspiration.

Wahoo! See you in module 1! I'm so glad that you're here.



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